Windows Services

Windows desktop OS is still on the top in the OS hierarchy with 90% of the world already using Windows in desktops, Windows Phone OS powered devices have already captured most of the market, a lot of users are using Windows Phone and are waiting to buy apps from Windows Store. The new OS, Windows Phone 8, has provided Microsoft the straight access to touch-computing market. At iTechnoMinds, we offer inclusive Windows Phone application development solutions & services and help our clients to expand their online presence over Microsoft's mobile ecosystem.
Windows Phone 8 has replaced Windows Phone 7's OS. With introduction of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft also cleared that this new platform will not support apps created for Windows Phone 7 and thus mobile developers are required to build apps for the new OS from scratch. Apart from this, Windows Phone 8 offers the experience that is more close to Windows 8 desktop OS. Because the OS is still not too much competitive, it offers great scopes to new apps published in Windows Phone app store.
Company is well aware of all the things which happen in Windows Phone mobile OS space and has already upgraded itself to provide mobile app development for Windows Phone 8 accordingly. Our developers at iTechnoMinds have extensive knowledge in Windows mobile application development. We explore Windows Phone 8 as the platform of opportunity for our clients.
iTechnoMinds has good experience of working on different Windows mobile platforms and is capable of offering high-quality mobile software development services & solutions for Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 and other predecessor operating systems. We have the knowledge how to execute any size of mobile software development project for Windows Phone 8 platform. iTechnoMinds has capability to build Windows Phone apps for both smartphones and tablets.