Web Development

ASP.NET is the best web framework to build websites, web applications, and related services. With the use of ASP.NET, experienced developers can also develop Web APIs, mobile website, etc.Microsoft .NET is a tested technology to connect information, devices and systems. It is also implemented to an extensive range of business and personal technologies, powering related people to connect with important information irrespective of time and place. It is easy to connect with software and web apps, platform services, and programming languages using Dot Net.
We have a special team for .NET based application development. Our Dot Net developers have good experience in building ASP.NET, ADO.NET, C and VB.NET based applications. With our applications based on .Net, clients are open to have abundant business solutions for designing, development and integration related requirements of this platform. .Net application development experts at itechnoMinds understand client's requirement in deep manner.
J2EE - the community driven-enterprise grade technology, also known as Java EE - has contributed a lot to global business world. Supported by industry experts and enterprises, Java EE Application development has been one of most sought after technologies for almost all sorts of enterprise software. As a rich in feature software platform, it allows a web application development to be fabulous in all related aspects like design, development and implementation. Today, with a dedicated Java web application development, creating high-end, high-quality solutions for a wide range of industries isn't difficult thing. All it takes the knowledge and assistance of experts.
In a Java web application development our developers are able to integrate various databases as required by clients. Names to some of those databases are MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle.Currently Java EE technology offers full-fledged enterprise application platform.
Android is the open-source mobile operating system, has captured the whole world. Today, a huge number of smartphones & tablets are running on the Google's mobile platform. Businesses and industries seem to be influenced a lot by the OS and applications based on this platform. They are exploring more opportunities with Android app development.
At iTechnoMinds,our team of technically sound experts propel all our services. They possess world-class, time-tested skills in mobile application development by the use of the Android platform. All our programmers are able to build scalable Android mobile applications and port them to different platforms.
With each passing day, Android application development is turning out to be a rage around the world, and businesses irrespective of their types or sizes, are looking for developers who can realize their app ideas and develop an effective product for the OS. It gives businesses a way to easily reach the prospects. With a dedicatedly designed apps, our client's business always has an edge over competitors. Because this OS is a powerful operating system for mobile, tablet and other sorts of handheld devices, it offers the best platform to convert an idea into reality. With the support of the developers like us, success can be expected in every app venture.
People are crazy about iPhone and so is the case with iPhone app development also. The smartphone contributed to a dramatic change in mobile market. With abundant of features and one of the richest app stores, the device has every treat to become a perfect partner for individual and business users. iPhone is now put in the core whenever a mobile strategy is formed. Thanks to Apple which brought in this device and the technology of iPhone app development.
The young generation is living with iPhone and they know how powerful it turns out to be with the right set of apps. Of course it's not limited to young generation only. People are using this device beyond age, gender and geographical boundaries as a powerful computer for a lot of their business operations, having fun on the go, playing video game and more.
Our developers possess the good set of skills and practical experience in the science and art of the creating apps. Each of projects, processed with approaches applied by us, entirely adheres to rules and regulation defined by Apple. Ours is one of the most systematic processed of iPhone application development that cover a lot of things such as feasible study an idea, defining the required solutions and setting up them, study of SDK/tools, UI and prototyping design & development, testing and getting the final product approved.